First Dentist Visit in Years? Don’t Panic!

At Scarborough Dental Group, we see a wide variety of patients. Some of which have been unable to visit the dentist for some time. But that is OKAY! We pride ourselves on providing a no judgment zone and our primary concern is making you feel relaxed and comfortable. What you need to avoid is letting fear delay you further! So if you’re one of the many people who hasn’t seen the dentist in a while, here’s a few tips on what to expect:

Communication Is Key

Open communication is key! When making your appointment, feel free to ask our staff any questions you’d like. When you arrive, it’s okay to tell the staff that you’re nervous! We’ll do our best to assuage your fears and help you feel calm.  

We’ll Help Clean Up!

A dental hygienist will give your teeth a thorough and probably well-needed cleaning. If there’s a lot of tartar buildup, this may involve scraping. It may take a while, but it’s definitely worth it for your smile.

There May Be Some Bleeding

Gums may bleed during cleaning. This does not necessarily indicate a problem, it could be that your gums aren’t accustomed to the pressure of a professional cleaning. Flossing and brushing during the days before your visit can help make this easier. 

We’ll Look Underneath The Surface

Our eyes can only see so much. X-rays are a valuable tool to aid in the diagnosis of potential cavities, infections or other pathologies. Dental appointments may consist of a series of x-rays specific to your needs. 

We Want To See You Again!

Good oral health is crucial to overall good health, and regular dental appointments are necessary to achieve this. Scarborough Dental can help keep your smile bright with regular appointments! You’ll love your new smile! Remember, there’s no need to fear. We can provide you with a new, healthier oral care regimen. We provide preventative care, fluoride treatment, dental sealants, and other cutting edge treatments to keep you happy with your smile. Our staff would be happy to discuss any of the services we provide! Contact us and start caring for your teeth today!.