Refurbished CT Scanner Oklahoma City

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Refurbished CT Scanner Oklahoma City

Purchasing refurbished CT scanners is becoming a trend, over purchasing new machines that could cost up to a couple of millions. The growth of tech allows medical engineers to consider repairing and remodeling old machines instead of putting them off as invaluable. CT scanners account for the bigger batch of refurbished computers because they are inexpensive to upgrade.

Currently, people are letting go of machines after a few years of use. This case is partly due to the release of newer devices with improved qualities. Hospitals tend to keep bigger machines for more extended use and release CTs and MRIs as soon as after the first five years of use. The subsequent buyer of the tech will get the most from these machines when they understand the undercurrents of a refurbished CT scanner in Oklahoma City.

Factors surrounding the purchase of a refurbished CT scanner


Buying a used scanner is a less stressful procedure when you have a reliable technical team in lieu. Brown’s Medical Imaging includes any present and proper protection when buying a refurbished CT scanner in Oklahoma City.

Additionally, proper support will take care of the parts and the assembly service. We will help you make the best choice in regards to which scanner will offer superior services and have the most comfortable requirement in service.

Technical specification

CT scanners have slice counts, which determine the number of images produced per rotation. The most common slice count is 16 because they work well in facilities with minimal demand.

Our staff will gladly assist in determining which scanner specs suit your job demands. Perfusion exams only require a 4-slice CT. The software on the scanner will also depend on the nature of the studies. Software variations include fluoro, cardiac, and perfusion.

The ultimate count is 64 slice CT because it reduces the frequency of scans while allowing for more advanced scanning. The higher count works well for cardiac imaging. The count can go higher and beyond 320+, and making it possible for medical professionals to take detailed scans.

Type of tube

The X-Ray tube is often a short-lived component of all CT scanners. It is common fate to replace the part before the machine requires reconditioning or refurbishment. A Brown’s Medical Imaging expert will differentiate all the tube models in stock and guide in buying a scanner with the best one. A good scanner will have a make that will last longer.


A fixed budget does not have to limit the quality of the scanner you wish to purchase. A refurbished scanner will offer flexibility in the budget because the clinic will have more capability to work on other areas in the facility. The array of CT scanners in our office will make good use of your investment money because they maintain a high-performance standard at reduced rates. 


New scanners will often meet the NEMA XR-29 standard. Refurbished devices from unverified sellers may lack the necessary legal measures. Brown’s Medical Imaging has sold imaging equipment for more than twenty-five years. We have established relationships with formidable medical facilities within the United States, and aim to sustain the same with future clientele.


Refurbished CT Scanner Oklahoma City
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