Teeth Whitening Scarborough

Teeth Whitening Scarborough

Explore the advantages of teeth whitening in Scarborough by calling Scarborough Dental Group. We are pleased to offer at-home and in-office treatments to brighten your smile without permanent veneers or bonding. One short office visit or a series of at-home sessions will deliver exceptional results you’ll love.

Benefits Of Professional Whitening

Our staff at Scarborough Dental Group loves seeing the results of our whitening service – and when patients walk out of our office with beautiful white smiles, they tell us it’s worth every penny of their investment in whitening. Compared with store-bought products that do little to provide lasting results, and in many cases, even damage tooth enamel, professional whitening is the clear choice for patients looking for consistent, safe results. Consider the top five reasons to avoid OTC whiteners:

  • Store-bought teeth whitening gels and liquids are not any safer today than they were a decade or two ago
  • Over-the-counter products can’t penetrate deep into teeth to whiten
  • Surface whiteners leave stains that come to light very quickly
  • When it comes to teeth whitening in Scarborough, you get what you pay for
  • You’ll have to keep buying OTC products over and over

Flash A More Natural Smile

With most OTC products, it’s hard to tell when you reach the optimum level of exposure to the whitening gel. The result is anything but predictable; if you’ve ever seen teeth that were too white or unnaturally white, you can guess rightly that the smile came from a drug store. Professional whiteners offer beautiful, natural results that will turn heads but will not cause others to stare at your teeth.

Why Whiten?

We hear from patients on a reasonably consistent basis who tell us the reasons they choose to whiten. Top on the list of reasons we've heard include:

  • Upcoming weddings
  • First dates
  • Family or school reunions on the horizon
  • Public speaking
  • Proximity to coworkers

Your reasons to whiten may sound similar to the ones we hear at Scarborough Dental Group, or they may be unique. Whatever the reason, you’ll rest easy knowing we offer professional results at a very affordable price point. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with pro teeth whitening at Scarborough Dental Group. As a simple and attractive solution to teeth that have dulled over time, have taken on a less-than-brilliant colour, or need a boost to attract attention, we’re able to offer same- and next-day appointments with convenient schedule times.

Give Us A Call

Speak with our front desk staff about making a new patient appointment to brighten and whiten your teeth for the professional results you deserve. Compared with the costs of veneers, bonding, and other cosmetic procedures, whitening is one of the simplest and quickest ways to improve the look of your smile. Browse our “Services” section to see the positive after-effects of teeth whitening in Scarborough.

Teeth Whitening Scarborough
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