If there’s one resolution you should make in 2021, it’s taking good care of your teeth! However, many people have no idea where to start when it comes to their oral health. With the three tips below, you should be able to complete this new year with a healthy, bright and white smile!

Follow the Recommended Oral Hygiene Routine

The New Year presents an opportunity for you to change your habits, including how you take care of your teeth. Our team at Scarborough Dental recommends that you go back to the basics, which include:

  • Brushing your teeth more than twice a day.
  • Ensuring you brush your teeth properly (take time and move the brush gently in circular motions) every time you do it.
  • Using fluoride toothpaste when brushing your teeth.
  • Flossing at least once a day to reduce plaque, improve gum health, and lower inflammation.
  • Maintaining good oral health with regular mouthwash (which reaches hard-to-brush areas, introduces useful minerals, and neutralizes mouth acid).
  • Drinking plenty of water in between brushing sessions.
  • Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables with lots of nutrients and fibre.
  • Consuming less acidic (they cause cavities) and sugary (easily converts into acids) foods.
  • Visit Dr. Patel or Dr. Caulford at least two times a year.

Healthy Snacks For 2021

One way you can improve your dental health is to choose healthy snacks. The problem is that sugary foods are available almost everywhere you turn. But you don’t have to always fall prey to your cravings and appetite. Here are some healthy snacks you can prepare for 2021:

  • Diced fruit with yogurt.
  • Homemade bread or muffins with milk.
  • Whole-grain bread with hummus or cheese.
  • Fruit with milk or cheese.
  • Unsweetened cereal with fresh fruit toppings.

How Our Dental Clinic Can Help

A dental clinic can help you maintain good oral health by spotting issues long before they arise. The dentist’s work involves taking an in-depth look at your teeth, spotting problems, and recommending remedies. Since you are unlikely to be cleaning your teeth adequately, a dentist will complement your efforts. You will be able to maintain proper oral hygiene throughout the year. As we had recommended earlier, ensure you visit a dentist two or more times a year.

Call us or visit us at our Scarborough for preventative care, dental sealants, fluoride treatment, and other cutting-edge treatments to keep you smiling in 2021. Our staff would be happy to discuss any of the services we provide! Contact us today!