What To Expect If You Haven’t Been To The Dentist In A While

Whether you are away at school, or raising kids, we know it can be challenging to find time in your schedule to see your dentist. If you haven’t had a check up in a while, not to worry. Although you should strive to see your dentist a few times a year, the first step of re-owning your oral health is to make an appointment and get assessed by a professional. At Scarborough Dental Group, we want to prepare you for what’s to come with your first visit, to help give you the smile of your dreams!

Time To Clean!

If it’s been some time between your last check-up, you may have a considerable amount of plaque and tartar build up on your teeth. Even for those who brush and floss the daily recommended amount, tartar can only be removed by a professional, which is why seeing your dentist regularly is so important! You can expect a thorough cleaning of each tooth and your gums. This is where one of our dentists will carefully clean the surfaces of your teeth and assess your overall oral health.

If you do not floss regularly, gum bleeding may occur, and it is completely normal. Periodontal disease affects 7/10 Canadians and is normally the cause for this. If you experienced gum bleeding this time, try flossing at least once a day before brushing your teeth and see the difference it makes for your next visit!

Oral Exam And More

Depending on your needs, a comprehensive oral exam and dental x-rays will likely be recommended. This is so we can assess you for cavities, and make sure no tooth gets left behind! We will be able to tell which teeth have already developed cavities and which ones are showing early warning signs. From here, we can create a plan and start treating the impacted teeth. During your oral exam, Dr. Rik or Dr. Caulford will  look for abnormalities such as white patches, which can be a sign for oral cancer. Your oral health is strongly connected to your overall health, so come see us as soon as you can!

Come Visit Us In Scarborough!

Dr. Rik, Dr. Christine, and our amazing team would love to meet you! We offer a variety of treatments like Invisaligndental implants, and teeth whitening! Call us at 647-697-4109 to book your consultation today. We can’t wait to meet you and your family, and to help give you the smile you’ve always wanted!